Consumer Choice and Innovation Project
Protecting innovation, expanding consumer choice

A project of the US Consumer Coalition

Protecting Innovation, 
Expanding Consumer Choice

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Encouraging innovation in the on-demand and tech industries

Consumers have a right to access the innovative products and services that are being developed throughout the world to improve the consumer experience, including in the areas of travel, transportation, online shopping, and healthcare. Efforts to restrict consumer access to these products and services are to the detriment of the consumer. USCC’s Consumer Choice and Innovation Initiative is designed to advocate for the consumer’s rights to access these products and services.



➤ Encourage innovation and competition in the on-demand and tech economy

➤ Protect consumer freedom and allow consumers to choose the products and services they want

➤ Educate the consumer on the efforts to restrict their access to innovative new products that would make their lives easier


Areas of Focus


We promote and protect innovation in all areas of the economy. We challenge regulations that stifle innovation and impede emerging technologies and new business models.


Privacy & SECURITY

In the age of apps and social media, privacy has become more complex. We monitor and educate consumers on commercial privacy regulation, including child protection and information sharing.

Consumer Protection

Technological changes and user empowerment are to the benefit of the consumer. Regulators should focus on punishing bad actors, especially those who engage in deceptive marketing and illegal practices.

On-Demand Economy

We support expanded choice and freedom in the economy and advocate for platforms and policies that stimulate innovation. Outdated regulations and activists from entrenched political interests limit how these platforms operate, raise costs, and ultimately stifle innovation.

Access & Competition

Consumers benefit from having more — rather than fewer — options in the marketplace. Free-market policies encourage technology startups, developers, and visionaries to innovate, resulting in better, more cost-effective products.


We support open access and innovation on the Internet. Consumers win when there is more competition in broadband and less barriers from the FCC and other government regulators.


The On-Demand Economy is defined as the economic activity created by digital marketplaces that fulfill consumer demand via immediate access to and convenient provisioning of goods and services.
— The On-Demand Economy